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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winter 1968 - My parents were adorable.


I found this incredible set of photos of my mom Mary, father Tom, Aunt Marty (my mom's sister), and uncle Mike (although he and my aunt were not yet married at the time of these pictures). They piled into my dad's camper and drove up to Mt. Charleston to play in the snow and were amazingly young and sweet and gorgeous!

The backs of the photos are date stamped with April 1969. That must be the date the photos were developed, not taken. April is a little late for snow on Mt. Charleston and my sister was born in April of 1969 but my mom doesn't look pregnant in these photos and I doubt this excursion would have taken place if they had a newborn at home. My guess is this is the winter of 1968 and the roll of film sat around waiting to be developed. Anyway, enjoy this pictorial.

My dad Tom in cowboy boots and a gigantic belt buckle!

My mom, snowball in hand, threatening with a smile!

Action shot of a thrown snowball! You can see it at the top of the picture.

My mom and my uncle Mike in the background. How great is their hair?

A greaser in a jean jacket.

My mom was the cutest thing ever.

They look happy. It must have been a fun day.

Lovely sisters sitting on a stump.

Camper life.

Whoopsie daisy! This one might be my favorite. I love the sun on her face.

My uncle Mike, aunt Marty with a goofy grin, and my dad looking so svelte!

Aw, give me a hug darlin'!

Look at her flip! So awesome.

Young and so in love. My aunt and uncle got married, got divorced, remarried, got divorced again and have remained best friends to this day.

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