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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Old Camera

I downloaded this app to my iPhone called Old Camera (thanks to a tweet from the director Rian Johnson!) and now I'm a little obsessed with it. You take a picture using the app and it processes the image with various effects to make the shot appear "old." All the following are shots I've taken using the app.


My Kirin beer at Kai sushi.

My margarita at Chapala's Mexican Restaurant.

This is actually a shot of the sunset from the parking lot of my office.

Odd streaks in the sky at dusk.

The blinding afternoon sun.

Sam Boyd's Fremont Hotel & Casino, Downtown Las Vegas

Valet area of The Plaza Hotel & Casino, Downtown Las Vegas

Souvenir Shop, Fremont St., Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont East, Downtown Las Vegas

The Griffin, Fremont East, Downtown Las Vegas


  1. Very cool app, think I might have to finally trade in the Blackberry for a iphone.

  2. I like it! Try CameraBag too. Lots of very fun filters, including Polaroid.


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