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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vivacious Lady

This is one of my favorite films of all time. I taped it on VHS off Turner Classic Movies when I was about fourteen which is when my James Stewart obsession began. I would scour the list of movies listed in the very back of our weekly TV guide (yep, this was before the snazzy guides were built into set top boxes) and record any movie that came on that had Jimmy Stewart in it. How lucky was I to find this one? Not only did it have my Jimmy in it, but it had the wonderfully sassy and beautiful Ginger Rogers!

To my utter despair this fantastic old black and white film is not available on DVD. Luckily TCM does play it occasionally and the last time they did I saved it to my DVR and have never erased it! I can watch it whenever I like.

Well today I decided to search it on youtube in hopes of finding any scene to post as one of my "Film Scene I Love" blogs and lo and behold, the entire film is on youtube! I'm posting it here for you all to watch. In it James Stewart marries Ginger Rogers after knowing her only one night. She's a showgirl, he's a college professor. Now Jimmy must take Ginger home and break the news to his stuffy parents and the girl they want him to marry! Hilarity ensues including an awesome catfight between Ginger-the-secret-wife and Frances Mercer who plays the jilted girl. Jimmy and Ginger are so very endearing and adorable together. And bonus, Beulah Bondi plays Jimmy's mother. She played his mother in several films including It's a Wonderful Life but in this one she gets to be a little more dolled up. The scene that she and Ginger share in the powder room, sharing a cigarette and discussing sheer hose is precious. In fact, the entire film is precious. Enjoy.


  1. I have similar feelings for Cary Grant.

  2. you're right: beulah bondi is magnificent in this role. what a lovely little screwball comedy this is, complete with catfight, and drunken denouements. a great showcase for ginger off the dance floor, and jimmy is just so jimmy. :)

  3. I love in the first scene where Jimmy says, "Oh I'm exceedingly sorry. . ."


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