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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Photo I Love

Steven Patrick Morrissey and Johnny Marr, photographer unknown

How cute are they? I wonder if they ever miss each other.


  1. You know I have always loved these guys! I used to have a poster of this, wonder where it is?
    I bet Morrissey misses Johnny, not so sure about the other way around!

  2. I once read in an issue of Star Hits (remember that magazine! I still have every issue I bought... somewhere) that Morrissey and Pete Burns from Dead or Alive were best friends and they did an interview together where one said, "Once when I was down he sent me a dozen red roses and so I sent him 48 naked sailors!" I wish I could remember who said it! Aargh!

    The Smiths were wonderful and I miss them, but think they broke up at the right time. It's better to let things go on a high then beat the dead horse, you know?


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