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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been following this astronaut named Soichi Noguchi on twitter because he has been posting the most amazing photos he has been taking of Earth FROM SPACE. What follows is a small sampling. Underneath each picture is what he tweeted when he posted it:
"Lake Pukaki in New Zealand. I love the color!"

"Arabian desert.As I told you before, desert is beautiful."
"Moon rise over Australia. Taken from Cupola side window."
"Oh, Paris! Lindbergh saw these nightlights 83 years ago, on 'the Spirit of St. Louis'."

 "Northern Australia. Impressive river flow."

 "Night view of mid-Japan. The far left is Akashi, and the far right is Hamamatsu."

"Bucharest, Romania"


"Molvides Island, Indian Ocean. Breathtakingly beatiful!"

You can link to his entire photostream HERE.

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