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Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's Go

Jean-Paul Pecqueur, photo by ME, July 2009

Let's Go by Jean-Paul Pecqueur

Patty wants me to write a poem titled
"Poem in Homage to this Poem" mostly
because it has always been about love with her,
about needing to explain away the obvious with her
with reference to the slightly more obvious—
hunger and its descending call notes,
fire’s recourse to flame.

With her it’s all let’s go to the store let’s go to the movies all the time.
It’s all round and round in some Rorschach’s pond
of spontaneous intent
like free falling in an empathic elevator.

If she wasn’t at work right now I would need to invent her.
If the stores ran out of sugar,
if the bees abandoned their hives,
if I wasn’t teaching right now I’d surely call her.

The classroom’s been set on fire, I’d say.
Someone spilt sun all over the desert.
And I’ve this pain in my head that aches like seltzer.
Let’s go and see about those shoes.

***I am lucky to know the Patty of which Jean-Paul speaks in this poem. I know Jean-Paul too, but not as well as I know his Patty. Reading this poem is like looking through a little window at their relationship and I appreciate the candor and smile at the love.

Jean-Paul has a book of poetry. You can buy it HERE.

You can also read more of his work HERE.

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