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Friday, January 15, 2010

RIP Dennis Stock

"Art is a well-articulated manifestation of an aspect of life. I have been privileged to view much of life through my cameras, making the journey an enlightened experience. My emphasis has mainly been on affirmative reactions to human behavior and a strong attraction to the beauty in nature."

Dennis Stock - Born July 24, 1928 - Died January 11, 2010

Photographer Dennis Stock has passed. He is most famous for the iconic shots he took of James Dean in 1954-1955, but he took other amazing photographs. You can view his work on the Magnum Photos site here. I'm naturally drawn to the photos he took while working in Hollywood for Magnum. He took great candids and portraits of some of the biggest stars of the era.

Audrey Hepburn 1954

Montgomery Clift 1960

Miles Davis 1958

Grace Kelly 1964

Frank Sinatra 1961

Marilyn Monroe 1953

Louis Armstrong 1958

James Dean 1955

James Dean 1955

James Dean 1954

James Dean 1955

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