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Monday, May 14, 2007

Weird man.

I had some freakishly bizarre dreams last night all involving Disney in some way.

First, you know how at the beginning of Disney movies there is the Buena Vista logo, where Tinkerbell like waves her wand and an arc of light flies from it and curves over Sleeping Beauty's castle? Well in this dream I was Tinkerbell and I was doing that, waving my wand to make the light around the castle glow, but I wasn't on TV or on a movie screen doing it - I was actually at Disneyland, flying over the actual Sleeping Beauty castle! And it was fun! Being Tinkerbell felt amazing!

Then I had another dream that I was Viggo Mortensen's daughter (wtf? I know!) and he was starring in some new Disney swashbuckling movie and we were at Disneyland for the launch of a whole line of product tie-ins. I was making fun of my "dad" because, well, you know those pens where there is a picture of say a pinup girl inside it and when you turn the pen upside down her clothes slide off? Or like I have a pen with Steve Irwin where when you turn the pen upside down a croc comes and swallows him alive (that's totally sick now considering his death, but I have it!) Well I was making fun of my "dad" Viggo because they had made a pen of his character where when you turned it upside down his shirt came off to reveal a toned upper bod. Not very Disney right? I can only put that down to my subconscious because in the real world I would totally do Viggo. He can take off his shirt for me anytime. So, how sick is this dream? In the real world I have the hots for Viggo, but in my dream he is my dad???? What the hell is wrong with me?

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