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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Albert Finney

Another bizarro dream last night. I dreamt that I was at a black tie Hollywood event and was going to be introduced to Albert Finney and the minute he said hello to me I started crying like that little blonde, pig-tailed, Sanjaya worshiper on American Idol. I was like gushing, blubbering, hysterical while trying to talk to Finney and he was so touched by my show of emotion that he decided he wanted to do something special for me and offers to buy me a house. So we go to check out houses and in the dream the one I want is the house next door to my parent's house. What the hell?? Yes, in real life I do wish I could afford a house, but I would never move in next door to my parents!!! And then there's Finney. Now I do love me some Daddy Warbucks, but I don't love Finney this much. Why would I have a dream about him??? Ok, amateur psychiatrists and dream analyzers help me out here.

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