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Monday, August 31, 2009

Robert Frank - Photographs

Photography by Robert Frank - many of these photos are from his seminal book, The Americans published in 1958.

Political Rally, Chicago 1956

Cafe in Beaufort, South Carolina 1955

Elevator, Miami Beach 1955

Indianapolis 1955

U.S. 285, New Mexico 1955

Coffee Shop, 1956

Parade, Hoboken, NJ 1955

Funeral, St. Helena, South Carolina 1955

Movie Premiere, Hollywood 1955

Chattanooga, Tennessee 1955

Sante Fe, New Mexico 1955

U.S. 90, en route to Del Rio, Texas 1955

Rodeo, New York City 1954

4th of July, Coney Island 1958

San Francisco 1956

Charleston, South Carolina 1955

Trolley, New Orleans 1955

Ranch Market, Hollywood 1956

Public Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1956

Chicago, 1956

St. Francis, Gas Station, City Hall, Los Angeles 1956

Reno, Nevada 1956

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