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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flashback Features - Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas is continuing their Flashback Features this fall. There aren't as many in this go round that really interest me, but there are a few that really excite me. Of course the very first show is the one I'm most excited about but I will be in Toronto when it plays!! Oh well. Small price to pay to visit Mo! All shows are at 6:30pm and cost $5! Hit me up if you want to go!

Roman Holiday, Monday Sept. 7, Aliante - I will be out of town :(

From Here to Eternity, Monday Sept. 14, Aliante - Monty Clift on the big screen! Yes please.

Spaceballs, Wednesday Sept. 16, Texas - This is a maybe for me, if others really want to go I may join them.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Monday Sept. 21, Aliante - Yes! Those colorful dance sequences are meant to be seen on a big screen!

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Wednesday Sept. 23, Texas - Absolutely! Get the bad taste of Crystal Skull out of my mouth.

Citizen Kane, Monday Sept. 28, Aliante - eh

Ghostbusters, Wednesday Sept. 30, Texas - Sweet!

Jailhouse Rock, Monday Oct. 5, Aliante - This movie is practically unwatchable. No.

Annie, Wednesday Oct. 7, Texas - My dad took me to see this for my 5th birthday and he let me sit in the front row! I may have to repeat that experience.

Rosemary's Baby, Monday Oct. 12, Aliante - I've never seen it! Yes!

Gremlins, Wednesday Oct. 14, Texas - Nah

The Birds, Monday Oct. 19, Aliante - I just saw this on the big screen over the summer. No need to see it again.

Pet Cemetery, Wednesday Oct. 21, Texas - Nah

Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), Monday Oct. 26, Aliante - This could be good Halloween fun!

The Exorcist, Wednesday Oct. 28, Texas - This movie traumatized me as a kid and I don't do too much better with it as an adult. No thank you.

White Christmas, Monday Nov. 2, Aliante - Yes, and I'll take my mom!

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, Wednesday Nov. 11, Texas - As a tribute to John Hughes, yes.


  1. You said Jailhouse Rock was unwatchable. Is that because of the poor film quality or you didn't like the movie?

  2. I just don't like the movie. I was never a fan of Elvis as an actor. I enjoy the "music video" performance of the title song within the film, but the rest...eh.

  3. Spaceballs, seven brides, annie, white christmas!


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