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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My old folks home.

Long story short: my boyfriend Phillip and I are living in a 55 and older retirement community because we inherited a mortgage free house that we can't sell. Technically we are breaking HOA rules by living in the house (even though Phillip owns it) because we are 20 years too young, but so far we've stayed under the radar and received no complaints.

So here's the thing: I am really enjoying living among the old folks! It's quiet, there are no kids, there are no loud parties, there aren't even loud cars with thumping music that pass by! And then the neighborhood is beautiful! The HOA keeps the yards pristine and there is wildlife galore: myriad birds and wild desert cottontail bunnies. The bunnies are a delight. In our row of homes everyone has a shared backyard and the animals just wander through and frolic as they please. I can watch out my sliding glass door as momma and poppa quail pass by with their eight babies following, then Mr. Hummingbird flits by in search of something sweet, all while half a dozen bunnies, with their white tails flashing me, hop around with their noses to the ground sniffing out something good. It's relaxing.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of my bliss.

This one is a general shot of the backyard. You can see three bunnies chillin' in the grass:

And here are three little ones outside our bedroom window:

And check out this lounger! Again out the bedroom window:

All these shots are unfortunately just taken with my iPhone and through the glass window because the minute I try to step outside to get close enough to take a better picture all I see are white tails hopping away. But you get the idea of the cuteness I enjoy on a daily basis.

As long as it can continue in this manner, I will enjoy living in my old folks home!


  1. WE get tons of bunnies and quail here in Arizona too but you are right you can never get close enough for a good photo op!

    There is also a mocking bird with a nest in the big tree in our backyard. It flies around attacking the dogs tail to guard the nest. The dog doesn't seem to mind much.

  2. i am glad you have made the best of this situation -- certainly the bunnies running rampant seems to be a good trade-off. i can't imagine seeing a bunny 'in the wild'. :)


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