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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inadvertant, chaotic comedy at the ATM

So earlier this evening I'm at the drive through ATM and had a typical Kerry experience. The drive through ATM is not so easy to navigate from my truck. It's too high, so I end up leaning out my window and reaching down to insert my card and punch the appropriate buttons. Well right at the moment that my money pops out (I'm withdrawing some funds in anticipation of my mini break this weekend) my phone rings. Instead of letting it ring, doofus that I am decides to answer it at the same time that I grab my money. Only I don't grab it firmly enough and it gets caught in the brisk breeze that is blowing, falls to the ground and starts scattering willy nilly and here's me on the phone (to Phillip) "OH SHIT!! I have to call you back! SHIT SHIT SHIT!" and I throw the phone into the passenger seat. Of course I'm pulled so close to the ATM because of my big truck that I can't open my door in order to jump out and chase my money! So I pop into drive, pull up a few feet and then launch myself out the door and scramble on the black pavement for my runaway twenties that are in a trail behind my truck. Luckily there was no one behind me in the ATM line and the bills didn't get too far. The one that got the furthest was about 10 feet away. I was so mortified and freaked out I couldn't even be sure I got all my money until I got back in the truck and counted it. Oh and the ATM was beeping at me because my card was still in it!! Luckily I didn't lose any money. All was properly accounted for although the bills were black from my feet stepping on them and smashing them into the pavement to keep them from blowing further away and my hands and the knees of my jeans were black too.

Lesson learned. When withdrawing money from an ATM, let it go to voicemail when your phone rings. Boy do I feel stupid.

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