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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Stills, We Are Scientists, Kings of Leon - Woot!

I went to this show last weekend with Kate, Shanda, and Chris. First off, I call bullshit that The Stills played first! No offense to you We Are Scientists fans out there, but I prefer The Stills! They only played for half an hour!!! Booo! I despair that The Stills will ever grow a big enough fanbase to headline a show in Vegas. I've seen them twice now and both times, they opened for Kings of Leon. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

The show was sold out so getting a cocktail was difficult. When We Are Scientists started their set I decided now would be a good time to hit the bar. I was wrong. I waited in line for half an hour. Two thirds of their set! So then when I did make it to the bar, I had to buy two cocktails and be a double fisting lush for a while, because there was no way I was ever getting back in that line again.

Right before Kings of Leon came on I made a quick jaunt to the bathroom and had a really fun, surreal trip back. First outside the bathroom, about to get on the elevator to the VIP section, there was The Stills! I praised them and voiced my disappointment in their short set, telling them to come back soon and headline. Tim Fletcher seemed appreciative despite that fact that this drunk redheaded girl is just yelling in their faces, and he thanked me! So then I dash back inside the venue and am picking my way through the crowd, when I bump into this guy, and we do that dancey thing where he tries to go one way around me but that's the same way I try to go, so then we both try to go the other way - you know. I look up at him and realize that it's Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live! He looks at me too and he sees the recognition break over my face so he pre-emptively smiles and says, "Hi!" with this little wave of his hand. I ridiculously laugh "HA! HA!" in his face and then we both finally move on and away from each other. Pretty cool, huh? But then I got to thinking. . .hey, it's Saturday night, and it's about 10:45pm, shouldn't he BE somewhere??? It's Saturday Night Live isn't it??? Well my questions were answered when I got home later that night and Phillip told me that SNL had been a rerun.

Kings of Leon went on soon after that madness and they were rocking. I've seen them live three times now and they are always really tight, and have lots of energy, which infuses the crowd with energy. Plus it was sold out which always helps. Vegas crowds can be hit or miss. Vampire Weekend's audience sucked. This one was awesome. Lots of group sing alongs and noise and smiles. It's been interesting seeing KOL evolve as a band too. The first time I saw them they were all long haired, skinny jeans and t-shirt wearing Southern boys. Now they are super glammy leather jacket wearing rock stars. Only Nathan still sports the long hair. Mmmmm, Followills. They are all pretty hunky.

After the show we met up with some other people at Griffin. Not much went on there except I inadvertently insulted Chris Cook when we were observing the beginning of a menage: two girls on either side of a dude, getting frisky. I was looking at them and before I could stop myself, I said to Chris, "That guy isn't even that good looking, so there's some hope for you in scoring two chicks!" It was a zinger that could have hit anybody, Chris just happened to be next to me! I apologized, but he didn't care. Chris is my friend, he's cool. He was actually a little bit proud of the funny I made.

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