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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vampire Weekend on a Monday Night!

Ahhh Vegas, no rules, don't care what people think, we will have shows on a Monday night! So of course this Mon-Fri 8-5er had to take tomorrow off because I am way too old to stay up past midnight and work the next morning. Especially after lots and lots of bourbon.

So went to see Vampire Weekend at the Joint tonight. First off there was an awful lot of kids at this show. And when I say kids I don't mean kids in their early twenties like I normally mean. I mean kids. Like twelve and thirteen year old kids!!! And yet they didn't give out wristbands for the over 21 year old drinkers and they didn't card me! Hmmm??

So the doors opened at 7pm, opening band (White Williams? Never heard of them. . .) went on at 8pm and VW at 9:15 and yet there were a couple dozen of these kids in line at 6:30! Ha! (meanwhile Phillip, Kate, Allison and I went for dinner at Mr. Lucky's at 7:30!) But oh, don't you remember being that young and your parents dropping you off super early for you to get in line, so you can be the first ones in the door and beeline straight for the space right in front of the stage and stake it out for the next THREE HOURS until the band you came for comes on??? I do. Watching these kids made me smile with nostalgia, but still not wish to be back in their shoes. . .

So Vampire Weekend were pretty cool. Lots of energy, cute in their preppy New England, Ivy League looks, danceable, tight. The lead singer guy (sorry I have no idea what his name is) was very endearing with his asides to the audience, very funny actually, but struck me as maybe the slightest bit of an elitist fuck. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, me neither. . .

Bed now. Maybe. Water first.

One thing I definitely can flaunt over those kids - I could get tanked at the show and they CAN'T!!

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