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Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Molly Ringwald, no!

Recently I came across Pretty in Pink on cable as I flipped through the channels. I left it on as I did little chores around the house and the thing I was struck by immediately was how much of an asshole Andrew McCarthy’s Blane is! How did I not notice this when I was young? Did I just let it slide then because he was cute? When he picks up Andie from the record store for their first date and asks if she wants to go home and change and she already has, he barely mumbles an apology for the insult. Then when she is resistant to attending a party with his friends, he says, "We can go out with your friends if you want. We could go crawl under a rock." ASSHOLE! And then the final scene at the prom, he goes up to her all apologetic for freaking lying to her about having another date and ditching her, but she has put on a brave face and says, "It’s done, it’s over, I’m fine." And what does asshole Blane say? "Well, if that’s true, then I’m glad." It’s the way he says it too that just irks me! Why did I ever like Andrew McCarthy? It’s all about Duckie man. Loyal, funny, sincere Duckie. Screw Blane.

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