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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Switching to Tumblr

Hi my friends.  I've gone and switched to tumblr.  All the cool kids are doing it and to be honest after playing with it a bit, I can see why.  It's snazzy and seamlessly works between all the various social media.  So this blog will remain here for history's sake, but from now on you can find me:

Andrew Garfield + The Goonies = SWOON

In the new edition of W Magazine my current crush, Andrew Garfield, says this:

"I found The Goonies very inspiring. I identified with every character: Mikey, the leader; Mouth, the trickster; Data, the inventor; and Chunk, this lovely, beautiful, sad, misunderstood, slightly larger kid. The Goonies is boys needing to be boys on their path to manhood. It’s a classic."

And my crush grows.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Town - Movie Review

Ok, I just don't get it. Why did this movie get so much praise? A 94% Fresh rating on rottentomatoes.com?? Did we watch the same movie? I can't even properly review this, so I'm just going to bullet point it:
  • Implausible plot - I'm sorry, but I just didn't believe it.  There is no way that criminals that are supposed to be so good at evading the FBI could be this dumb.
  • Terrible acting or overacting - Seriously, what was Jon Hamm thinking?  "Oh I get to NOT be Don Draper so I better chew as much scenery as possible so people can see that I CAN not be Don Draper."  He was laughably bad.  Blake Lively and Jeremy Renner overacted too.  Ben didn't overact, but he didn't act very well.  The best of the whole bunch was the late, great Pete Postlethwaite.
  • Cheeseball dialogue - Mainly spewed out by Jon Hamm.  I guess they decided that the cheesiest actor could have the cheesiest lines like this one, "This is the not fucking around crew so get me something that looks like a print because this not fucking around thing is about to go both ways."
  • My favorite line in the entire movie?  When Jon Hamm says to Rebecca Hall's character after the lightbulb goes off that she warned Ben Affleck away, "You know we are a NATIONAL organization."  WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???  So what, she can't fool you guys because you're a NATIONAL organization?  Dumbest line EVER.
So yeah, all in all I thought this film was terrible and I am completely baffled by the attention it got last year. The seeds of a good movie were there...they just didn't pull it off.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Portlandia - Did you read?

Are you watching Portlandia on IFC??? YOU SHOULD BE!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This American Life & SNL Influencing my dreams...

I woke up this morning from the strangest dream.

In the dream I went to a party.  It was at like a bookstore?  There were dark, wooden bookshelves lining all the walls and nooks and crannies with tables and chairs in which to get lost.  As I entered the party I found one nook where Seth Myers from SNL was hanging out with Ira Glass the host This American Life and Jonathan Goldstein, a contributor to This American Life.  I walked into the nook and immediately noticed that Seth was wearing these ridiculous Ed Hardy-like, grafittied jeans.  I smirked at him (because in the dream we were old friends and I was allowed to make fun of him) and said, sarcastically, "Nice pants." He rolled his eyes and said, darkly, "Thanks, Jonathan gave them to me." So I looked at Jonathan with a look that said, "Really?  Really Jonathan? Those are the most ridiculous pants I've ever seen!" At that exact moment, David Rakoff, another This American Life contributor walked up to us and without missing a beat from when Seth said, "Thanks, Jonathan gave them to me," I clapped David on the shoulder and said, "Speaking of Jonathan Goldstein, has everyone read David Rakoff's new book?"  This was apparently the funniest thing in the world for me to say.  Like it was some kind of bizarre inside joke and Ira started busting out laughing, you know in that cute Ira Glass laugh that he has?  In that moment what I had said was totally brilliant and funny and I was the hit of that party.  So in the dream I of course quickly walked away from them before my brilliant and funny moment could be tainted by the next unbrilliant and unfunny moment.

Weird dream, huh?  But when I woke up I felt the brilliant and funny feeling from the dream!  It was good!  I liked that feeling!  I wished I could hold onto it, which is why I immediately scribbled down this dream so I wouldn't forget it.  It sure doesn't retain it's brilliance and humor as I typed it up here.  Oh well, such is the stuff of dreams....

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Best Golden Globes 2011 GIFs

Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield being all cute.

Megan Fox being all scary.

Lea Michelle being all fake.

Mila Kunis and Emma Stone being all wacky.

Chris Colfer being all shocked and kissed by girls.

And finally....RDJ smiling all smarmily at Emma Stone.

(If these don't seem to be working all on the same page, please click each one individually to see the magic.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Beauty of Mad Men #20

Season 4, Episode 2, "Christmas Comes But Once a Year"