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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The moon followed me home.

I was driving home last night after seeing Up with my friend Christopher (a movie review will be forthcoming) and hanging above the city was this enormous moon! It greeted me with the equivalent of a smack in the eye! It was so bright! It's hard to outshine the lights of Sin City, but this moon did it. It followed me all the way home and I kept my eye on it through the windshield, through my side window, and then through the rearview mirror. I didn't want it to go anywhere because I was determined to take its picture. Once I pulled into my garage at home I walked out onto the driveway and would you believe that moon sat up just perfectly between the tops of the houses across the street and the lowest branches of the tree in my front yard and I snapped this photo of it with my iPhone. I think it liked having its picture taken. It made sure to suck in its stomach and shine just a bit more brightly until I had my shot. I was kind of sad to leave it. I could have visited with this moon a little more, but it was quickly rising further and further away from me, although it lost none of its brightness. I knew I should let it get down to its moon business, so, satisfied with my picture, I thanked the moon for seeing me home safely and retreated into the house.

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  1. Last night, as I was driving south, I watched the moon go from blood red to orange to bright yellow.

    It was pretty surreal.


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