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Friday, December 12, 2008

CSS and a mob - not THE mob just A mob

I went to see CSS on Tuesday night at a new club venue at the Hard Rock called Wasted Space with Kate and Cam. Unfortunately we started out the night kind of annoyed and cranky. Per the tickets, the show started at 10pm. For us 8-5 workers, 10pm on a Tuesday night is kind of late. Then when 10pm turns out to be the time when the doors open, not the start time, suddenly you see your life flash before your tired eyes. It's going to be a looooong night. What annoyed me about this place is that because it's a "club," even though we had tickets we still had to wait in a line behind a velvet rope like loser jackasses while the bouncers spent all their energy making sure all the people on the "list" got in first. I call bullshit! I have a ticket that I paid for right here in my hand! Let me in so I can get to the bar already dammit! We didn't get in the venue until after 10:30 and then the opening band didn't start until 11:00. Waaah, I'm getting sleepy!

The opening band was Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Yes, that is their name. It consisted of 4 boys and a girl not one of which appeared to be older than fifteen years of age. I can't even describe their sound – it was kind of bouncy, rock n rolly, rappy, chorusy, keyboardy stuff with lyrics I couldn't really hear because the sound technicians in that place did a bad job. Those kids had some mega energy though which did help to wake me up a bit. They finished their set at 11:30 and then came the excruciating wait during the stage setup change. It was about this time that the mob of skinny gay boys that had been hanging next to us started to get on our nerves. Don't get me wrong, I love a skinny gay boy as much as the next person, but when you get a mob of them together, they can get unruly. These ones were dancing non stop like there was no tomorrow AND as if they were in their own bedrooms with plenty of space for asses and elbows to fly in every direction. While in this chaotic state they failed to appreciate that they were actually in a tiny music venue with crowds of people around them that did not appreciate getting assed and elbowed over and over again. Once CSS finally started around 12:15 they only got worse. By the band's second song I felt slightly violated by the ass rubbings and was bruised by the flying elbows. I started to get vocal and physical, pushing the elbows away and shouting, "Dude! Elbows!" and then the skinny mob would sheepishly smile at me, mouth an apology and continue dancing in the exact same fashion only a few inches further away. Ugh.

CSS were lovely though. They would have been even better if the sound guys had turned up Lovefoxx's mic just a tad bit. Lovefoxx was wearing a bodysuit of a crazy brown and white Aztec-y design, a feathered headdress and a short, blunt, Siouxsie-like black wig. She's awesome and so super cute and all ass and elbows just like the skinny mob of gays only she had an entire stage on which to throw them about. The band played an equal mix of songs from their first album and the new one which made me happy because I prefer the older songs. They ended just after 1 am with the song I had been waiting all night to hear, "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above" and so I was able to sufficiently rock out, ending my night on a high note.

The song ended and we sprinted out of that club faster than you could say Alala and drove our tired asses home.

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